About Us

Our service is the most affordable. secure. fast.

National Cell Repair, LLC is a Michigan based corporation. The company is located in beautiful historic Owosso, home of the Woodard Furniture company and author James Oliver Curwood.

Our goal is simple- to provide the tech community with a quality, affordable service that many people need. In today's world, most people have cell-phones, and when they break, its expensive to fix. Thats where we come in- we offer high quality repair parts and fix phones FASTER and CHEAPER than most cell-phone service providers' insurance deductibles. In some cases our repairs are less than HALF.

Our web-ordering platform has a lot of built in security to protect our users. Some of the included security is built in CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) protection, non-editable built in logging that records what actions staff are making, and more.

Credit card transactions are doubly secure- protected once by the SSL encryption, and doubly by running them immediately. Card numbers, CVV, and expiration dates are used instantly and never stored - PERIOD. Upon a successful transaction, the data is flushed and the record of the sales data- customer and shipping info, parts, tracking numbers and the like are stored.